Best Practices in Community Recruitment: How to Build Effective Hiring Teams and Community Relationships, Featuring Rush & Sinai

Virtual "lunch and learn" took place on May 29, 2024 and includes presentations from Sinai and Rush.
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Chicagoland’s health systems are committed to hiring local talent and providing opportunities for historically underemployed populations. But how do we do this effectively? And how do we build relationships between community partners, recruiters, and hiring managers that lead to candidate success?

Join Rush’s Dana Anthony, Community Sourcing Consultant, and Sinai’s John Figiel, Director of Talent Management, and Dovid Sukenik, Training & Development Operations Specialist, for a discussion on community recruitment best practices, new strategies, and lessons learned.

Dana will present Rush’s community sourcing model, rooted in their anchor mission strategy, which works hand-in-hand with community organizations to guide jobseekers through the application process and facilitate warm hand-offs to recruiters and hiring managers. Dana will reflect on the successes and challenges she’s witnessed over more than three years in her role.

John and Dovid will present Sinai’s “Healthcare Forward”, a program built in partnership with community organizations to promote and provide employment opportunities in healthcare to disadvantaged jobseekers. Through informative and skill-building virtual sessions, along with one-on-one mentorship, participants learn about frontline roles in healthcare and are guided toward, and prepared for, interviews to obtain those jobs.

This virtual event took place on May 29, 2024.